Fundraiser for Emerge 3Rs

Hoping double screens will help raise double the money!

Fundraising is a challenge. Britons are the fourth most generous people on the planet according to the UN’s index of happiness, with 72% donating to charity each month. So it should be easy, but most donate to cancer, children and animals. If you are not a front line charity, that is where the challenge comes in. Emerge 3Rs turns an environmental problem – food waste, into a social solution – fighting food poverty. It runs FareShare Greater Manchester which helps over 200 charities, schools and community organisations deliver 3 million meals to disadvantaged people across the region. Food poverty is growing and FareShare needs to grow too. So my challenge is to get 1 million people to donate a pound so that we can move to new premises with more storage, more refrigerated storage and more vans .

So if you are reading this and want to donate to a charity where we recycle everything including the second hand desks and computers I use to fundraise so that we ensure the money donated works for those in need. Then please have a look at us.